About Cheryl Kuczek
Cheryl has been drawing and designing since she was a small child. She started hand-sewing clothing for her Barbie dolls when she was 9 years old.
At 14 she took her first sewing class and it started a non-stop sewing fest that continues today.
At 17 Cheryl started doing custom designs in clothing and home decor for private clients!
Cheryl has a degree in Business Marketing with minors in Economics and Art from the University of Anchorage-Alaska that she uses most of the time. 
In 1998 Paradiso Designs by Cheryl Kuczek was born as a legit with the custom design.
In 2006 Cheryl started teaching adults and children not only how to sew, but how to incorporate their own style wants and needs into their creations. 
In the fall of 2007, Cheryl introduced her own independent pattern line with four handbag patterns. Today she has now more than 30 sewing patterns of handbags and clothing that works for ALL sizes. 
A new chapter is beginning as Cheryl looks for ways to create using sustainable methods.  She also believes that fashion is really changing from the fast trends to using things that matter. Making items that not only fit our needs, will last because they are made well, and that we really love, therefore love using!  
Plus, as an educator, Cheryl loves helping her students learn to sew beyond what they thought they could do by helping them create with her handbag patterns, clothes that really do fit, and all kinds of stuffed creatures.  Including using easier and different sewing techniques in many substrates, but especially faux leather/pleather.
Children are encouraged to draw their own patterns that are then used to make their projects. 
Adults are helped with their projects to not just complete them, but to really understand the design on how it looks and the evolving creation process. 
Cheryl continues to teach and design with passion in Seattle, Washington and at a number of national sewing events & festivals.
She finds joy in the ability to give others a reason to sew and create too. 

Visit Cheryl’s website at http://www.paradisodesigns.com today, and get inspired.

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