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The Gospel of Pleather, Day 6, What exactly is Pleather? What to look for when shopping for pleather.

  What is the big deal about Pleather? It is a beautiful alternative to leather! Neon Green Stitching on Distressed Silver Pleather Pale Pink Stitching on Black Ostrich Pleather In 2006 I started my independent sewing pattern line with 4 handbag designs.  One thing that elevated these designs were the addition of pleather/vinyl straps. I used my own sewing technique to make the straps, because I did not want to turn them inside out after sewing them.                                                                                                                                                      I could not find a way to clean fabric straps.                                                    And I wanted to be able to make a designer bag! At that point I used whatever vinyl I could find at local Seattle stores.   Many moons ago I worked at Nordstrom.  I started there when I was 14 years old as a stockgirl.  Do you know how incredible it is touch a real Calvin Klein blazer...such a mem

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