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Zareena's Heart

On Valentine's Day this year I had to take a break from my work. I needed to just make something that was not my creative/teaching work. Something beautiful, but simple, and possible to create in one night. I just needed the pure joy of making, and not for profit. Say HELLO to Zareena's Heart! I decided to make a foundation piece in the shape of a heart. I gathered 9 fabrics that could harmonize together, based on the colors of red, pink, & purple. I have an Instagram friend @thecornyrainbow   (Nefertiti) who each year for the month of February wears these colors to promote heart health & awareness as a tribute to her sister that transitioned in 2014 at a young age of pulmonary artery hypertension. I highly recommend following Nef on the Gram for alot of sewing goodness from a true goddess! So I came up with this simple design using those colors in 9  different fabric in shades that I love to make this heart that can be used to embellish a hoody or a bag or for whateve

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