All Kids Sewing and Jewelry Classes

UPDATED April 10, 2017

Paradiso Designs
SEwing and Jewelry Classes
  Any ASG , MQG Chapters, Sewing Groups, OR Adults in Handbag Workshops, Trunkshows OR Private Sewing Lessons 
           contact Cheryl at
                   I teach in my city, state, and will travel!! 

Fabric Design Session

My Kiddo Sewing Program Schedule
for enrollement info:
Call 206-405-0587
OR email:

Winter/Spring 2018 After-School Sewing
Wednesdays, 2.30-4.30pm/sold out

Tuesdays are open for enrollement now 

Feb 2018 Winter Break Sew Camp
Februay 19-22, 1-4pm, 19, 20, 21/12-3pm 22

April 2018 Spring Break Sew Camp
April 9-12, 1-4pm

2018 Jewelry Making Camp @Bellevue Northwest Arts Center 
July 23-26, 10am-12noon

SUMMER 2018 Fabric Design Camp Session 
C: July 9-10 11-5pm

SUMMER 2018 Sew Camp Sessions
A: June 18-21, 1-4pm
B: June 25-28, 1-4pm
D: July 17-20, 1-4pm
E: July 23-26, 1.30-4.30pm
F: July 30-August 2, 1-4pm
G: August 6-9, 1-4pm
H: Aug 13-16, 1-4pm
I: Aug 20-23, 1-4pm
J: Aug 27-30, 1-4pm  

Additional Notes:
-For the after-school program kids are allowed to start at anytime (with availability).  Four classes gives a child enough time to learn to work a sewing machine, and to finish a project!!

-Would you love to have a pop-up after-school sewing program in your area or school, just ask!! Cheryl @ 206.405.0587

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