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Method Monday, No. 9, Tips for Putting a PDF Pattern Successfully Together!!

How many of us have struggled to tape PDF pieces together? perhaps everyone.... I have seen so many on Instagram talk about their frustrations about their "taping gone wild" escapades! I am hoping these following tips will help this crummy task become a little easier.... I found this really cool wrap skirt pattern on line for free.   This is a new company, Made Label. When I saw this free pattern for the Frankie Wrap Skirt I thought it looked marvelous...  I downloaded it, figured out my size (be warned, this runs small). Here is how some of  the pieces look once printed. 

Here is the pattern cover.  I think the pattern is really well done. And below the pattern cover I have included the link if you would like to download it too! And the instructions are a video tutorial!

Isn't it soooo cute? Well....go get it Here!! Last year Anthropologie had a wrap dress, the skirt part of the dress looked exactly like this. And hooray...I love a wrap skirt with ruffles more then a wrap dress!
This is …

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