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Method Monday, No. 10, Handbag Lifesaver.....Odicoat to the Rescue!

 When I found out about Odicoat....I was very excited It is a game changer, because it waterproofs fabric. And when you make handbags....that is pretty cool!! I actually heard about Odicoat 1.5 years ago, but I was not paying much attention.  I saw a friend of mine mention it...but I did not look to see what she was brushing on her fabric. Odicoat is made in France. I could not wait to try this stuff!!   Here are the first little bags I made for a dear friend with Odicoat coated fabric.   I have a couple of tips when using this wonderful stuff!  When you get Odicoat, it comes with this plastic card that is important to coat textured fabric. For a smoother fabric like this Home Dec I like foam brushes. You can use regular brushes...just be careful with the hair that sheds from brushes....they can become part of the landscape that you are coating. Make sure to iron your fabric so that it is smooth and easier to coat. De-lint your fabric of bits of threads, or they will be coated down. Od

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