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Method Monday No. 3, The Paradiso Wonderful World of Stabilizers

Hello to all......Method Monday No. 3 coming at you on Tuesday!
I have to address the elephant in the room, Covid-19. I have had to push myself to put one foot in front of the other.Some days are hard to work and focus. But I do know we will survive somehow and some way. We are hunkered down. We will find our way through this time even as it has many twists and turns. For me it is a gift of time to work on my biz, something that has proven to be difficult when working other “jobs and side gigs” to survive.And for that I am grateful. I hope these tidbits of sewing info are helpful to you to create beautiful items that are cherished and loved. And isn’t that what sewing is all about!!
Now let’s talk Stabilizers.

It feels as if there are a million different kinds (maybe not a million, but there is a lot) from many different brands.Each brand has a line-up for many different types of sewing and crafting. I work with Bosal products simply because I love the quality of their stabilizers. …

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