Events I will be at!!

I will be at the following events (yeah):

I will be teaching at:


International Quilt Festival in Houston
NOvember 2-5, 2017


March 2, 3, 4,5, 2017
I will be in Booth 1307, just past the north end of the food court on the right side in the Show Plex!

I will post whatever classes I will be teaching as soon as I know!!
 I will be teaching a 2 Needle Class where you get to watch me get into handbag nitty gritty....and show you how I do is fun & amazing!!  And maybe just a tiny bit nerve racking to sew a handbag together infront of 200 of my best friends!!

2607B Ultimate Handbag Construction, Friday (#2607B) 2:30 PM
Handbag construction can be challenging to achieve the awesome results we all crave. Cheryl will demonstrate her tips and techniques.
This is a very special "do not miss" class, you will get to see me actually sew different parts of a bag so that you can see the difference of what makes my bags look the way they do.

1 Needle Classes
The Perfect Handbag....all about proportions of the different elements of handbag making!!

Thursday and Saturday @ 3.30 pm Room E
Friday and Sunday @ 8.30am, Room E




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