Okay, where does time go?

OMG, it is past the middle of July, and I cannot believe that it is almost August!! So much is going on and I have been busy up to my ears working on projects for my book, and teaching Paradiso Designs Summer Sew Camp at the fabulous Sewing Lounge, all here and only a short bike ride from downtown Magnolia. Plus...I am going to Houston to be a vendor with my line of sewing patterns at the International Quilt Market at the end of October.
In the meantime, I need to share what my kids have been making for the last year. And my kids are all the kidos that I have had the joy of teaching sewing to for the last 3 years!!  Contact cheryl@paradisodesigns.com if you have an interest in sewing for kidos and adults too!!!!!
Here we go!
Theresa just finished this headband of layered flowers.

I would love to have little designers sewing up a storm out in the sewing lounge here at Paradiso Designs!! I had a parent tell me about a sewing program that is on California that is called Project Funway. I read the program description and it looked good….but I really feel what I am offering to the kids and teens here that want to sew is something even more special.

I am a designer in my own right, with my own independent sewing pattern line that is in stores across the USA, and once I was a kid playing with fabric. I love that my students are able to make things that they design with a little help. And my price for my camp is ….drum roll please…. is less than ½ of the cost of Project Funway.

The students can make what they like using the materials that they love with the thread that they choose. The students then plan it out by designing their look, then they sketch and design a pattern, and finally they get to pick fabric and get going on sewing!! They learn to use materials in unique ways, allowing their own design skills to grow!! Projects can include skirts, t-shirts, cool tote bags, headbands, scarfs, plush toys, 18” doll quilts and clothes, and more. We have a lot of fun here making all this stuff! The cost also includes all materials too…could I repeat this please…I can supply machines if the students do not have one, and parents do not need to worry about materials, it is all here for the students!!

Look at Emma's flower headband...she really sewed this!
So, Here, We Go!!!!!!!!
Abby just finished this skirt for her mom!

Olivia is working on this vest...can you believe she made this!

Emma and Alissa have become fast friends while sewing upa storm together!
Julia and Lauren made Tiny bags...one of my patterns!  Genny the sewing dog was in atendance also...can you see her head?

I love teaching kids and adults to sew!!


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