SEwist of the Week...Michelle Valko!!

So what better way to get my booty up and blogging, then to create a weekly blog that I must do.....Introducing "Sewist of the Week".  So here it goes.....

Michelle Valko is the first ever Sewist of the Week!!!!  Michelle  first graced the doorway to my classroom 2 years ago.  She is very funny, and can laugh at her mistakes.  She just gets out her seam ripper and goes to town......fixing whatever the mistake is!!  Michelle came into that first class with a strapless dress that she was making, while teaching herself to get started sewing with "You Tube" videos.  I was impressed...from the get go, Michelle has walked and actually stomped many fearless sewing footsteps.

For the last 9 months Michelle has been on a tear....he-he!!

First, she slashed and burned( using a pattern to make something different) my "Market Bag" pattern.  And she did a fine job!!

Then, she asked me to help her make a bubble skirt pattern for her toddlerdaughter...& and we did.


Michelle discovered H&M...bought this lavender was her idea to add the persimmon t-shirt material to the blouse to make it a dress...I loved it!  Have to mention Ann here in the photo...checkout her pillow case she made for her daughter! 

In the last 2 months, after many frustrating attempts...Michelle designed and made ( at this time about 6 dresses) the perfect dress for herself.  I fits her body like a glove....I really really loved this.  I know that Michelle was soooo happy to accomplish this, as she does not really like to wear pants....only dresses and skirts for this lady!!

Check out the details of Michelle's dress of her own design.....inverted pleats....using twill tape for thick straps & contrasting thread...I believe that she has another dress in the blue and white strip material that she is holding in her hand!  I just have to give it up for Michelle.  She is a true sewing diva in her own right with her own unique style.  Michelle...I applaud you!!  

Next trip to San Francisco!! 


ms.sad said…
This is fabulous, Cheryl! Great to see the evolution of a "sewist". Love the matching mother/daughter outfits in the orange/pink stripe (the strappy dress and bubble skirt)-- Sew cute!
Brittany H. said…
Sewing is so much fun! And it looks like you're doing great. I just got a machine for my birthday and I've made enough pillows to fill up a small car.

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