Monday, June 20, 2011

I think I'm in love.....

I LOVE a good stabilizer........

It is all a girl to ask for!!
Interfacing and stabilizers are an absoulute necessity when sewing & creating!
Trying to forgo them is like trying to grow a garden without dirt.

One of the coolest things that happened to me at Quilt Market,
was meeting the gentlemen of Bosal.
Here are a few items of what they have to offer.... 

Stabilizers are really important to design, and they do all the work to keep your handbags, home dec, and clothing perky and upright, like I said, it is all a girl could ask for!!
I cannot wait to use this hair canvas on a new purse design/pattern that I am working on for the fall.
I love that Bosal has many stabilizers that are sew in,
 and I am able to create a layer system that I can sew through
 to achieve the strength and look that I want with Bosal.

I use fleece in 2 my handbag patterns (Xine & Okashi)
 to soften the looks, we would not want anything to be
hard-looking would we?

This is softer then the other tricot that I have used for years,
Bosal........ is for me!!!
I like to use the tricot in all of my clothing, but then I found that Bosal has one interfacing that I was truly exited about... 

 the crowning glory.... a silk interfacing.  It is ever so light to use with chiffons when you need 
just a little needed body for frocks and scarves,
I really am in love with Bosal!! 

When I showed them a few of my bag designs, they promptly showered me with gifts.
I really am loving all the products from Bosal, as Bosal is highly recommended by Lisa Lam, who wrote the book
I got to meet Lisa at Market too...and that was a blast.
She loves Bosal too!! 
I will be using these fab products by Bosal for a very long time.
Tell me how do you stabilize?
See all you sewists soon!!oxoxox, cheryl

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Many directions.....

All I know is that I have been doing alot of stuff...
Sending alot of emails.....
Calling alot of peoples.....
Making it all work, then......
teaching a gazillion classes to make ends meet,
and loving every minute of it.
That is what I have been doing.

Oh yeah....& being grateful for all that I have in life.

Skirt Scribbles....

A sample for a lovely fabric store that carries my patterns...

Something I can give all those lovely quilters to chew on.......
Check it out in the next amazing color stories.

Every year in June this beauty reminds me of another reason why I love my house.
This is a Peace Rose.
They were brought to America from England after WWII.
I think this rose bush is many years old,
& I am lucky enough to have it in my yard...
the double center makes me so happy.
Then the color is so spectacular too...
pale yellow with a gentle blush.
I have to paint one on my wall I think!

Here is some of the pattern pieces to my next pattern....
The 2Harlow Skirt Formula!!

There will be some cool elements to it.....
AND....any size can make them.....
YES...that is 2 patterns in one.
All you lovely plus size gals, please hear me!!!!!

What is better then pockets on a skirt?

How about 2 skirt patterns, both with pockets!!!
I hope to have pictures later this week!!!
One day left til Summer SEw Camp Starts!!!

We will have to chat about it!!