I am so behind......

I am so behind, it is not even funny, but, and it is a big but I am trying my best to do everything that I can in each and every 24 hour period.  I go to bed thinking...did I do all that I can.  Oh my!!!  So, my current big project among many medium and small projects is my summer sew camps!!!  I love what I am able to do with "my" kids.  I learn so much from them...all the time.  They keep me atune of the latest and greatest songs, and just all that stuff that is zigging around the world today!!!  Without further adue....here they are!

This little sewing princess had me laughing a million laughs a moment!!
Ren choose to work on laminated vinyl, and she did so well...not the easiest material!
Look at Alyssa...she made this patchwork pillow from scraps and her necklace!!  Did I mention my kids can do beading too!!
These are all my am "kids" @ Quiltworks Northwest...this was fun to get them to be silly and to pose!
Bell in her Lolita Skirt that she just finished...notice the rick-rack trim
Look at Caroline...so gorgeous in her new headband!

And her sister made a headband and a bunny critter too!

On the west side, back in Seattle @ the sewing lounge/tool shed  I had Raina, Savannah , Lily, and Hannah sewing up a storm!!
Savannah made a skirt with bias trim, Savannah and Lily had their version of the Lolita skirt, and hannah was into plush candy corn and gift pillows!!

Check out the details.....

This says it all!!!
I will have more to come as always!!


ms.sad said…
I love seeing all the fabric I donated being put to good use! These pics are so cute, Cheryl! You really have a knack for working with the kids and turning them into sewing divas!!!!! SEW-RAMA!

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