Part 2: Spring Market 2011...Salt Lake City!!

The tulips were blooming in Salt Lake City, where it was cool and crisp still. 
We had a few days so warmth, but I was in The Salt Palace working real hard!!

I put the finishing touches on my booth backdrop, handsewing the burntout velvet with
platitum thread to frame the door way
cut into the curtain!!
I painted my backdrop free hand. 
Had no clue what it would really look at...
since I did this on a flat surface.

Then, we (me & my Mom) had the chance to hang the backdrop and see what it really looked like...
And this is how it turned out!!!!
That is my Mom (isn't she so cute), we were so happy to get the curtain up....
I was excited at how it looked...
even better was the attention that it attracted!!!!!!

I then set up the table with vintage table cloths.... was time to start dressing it all up pretty!! 

I had some really fun "hangers made from wood dowels and copper metal trim...
and a couple of brass screws to hold it all together!!

I was able to borrow a maniquin from a local merchant to display my newest pattern....
"The BoHo Frock"
The tan fabric (from Clothworks, and is the new line of Japanese fabric that they distribute) & orange lace number is the maxi length,
and the white daisy (from Kona Bay) and grey lace frock are the babydoll length,
& if you were wondering, there most certainly is a midi length....
it will be reveiled below!!

And here it is!!!  I used a vintage lace on it too, and I love the fabric from Kona Bay.
This is the Grotto Dragon print!!

Spring Market was really good for me and I had a grand time making new friends,
meeting the lovely fabric store owners,
and visiting other design freinds that I completely admire!!!
And I cannot wait for fall,
I have many plans,
& new patterns to release then!!!
Houston, Fall Market & Festival 2011
Thanks for reading...xoxoxo cheryl 


Anonymous said…
Great to see how nice your booth turned out! I'm sure with every market you learn more and the experience gets better.

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