Fall...where did the summer go...the whole 2 weeks that we had!

YES, it is a record...it was the coldest summer EVER in Seattle, but at least we had 2 weeks of lovely summer like weather, where you feel like wearing sandels!!  For the last 4 summers I have held Summer Sew Camp for kiddos.
It is tons of fun, to see kids create and get excited about wht they could do, and they did not think they could!!
Here is some amazing stuff that happened in the Paradiso Designs Sewing Lounge, Summer 2011...

Here is Azi...giving love to Truffles...he snores when he sleeps in the sewing lounge!

Here is Sabrina and Katie, but she likes to be called Kit!!  Both were working on Skirts!

 Azi made this rocking headband...3D with awesome stars!!

And here is Sabrina again with the coolest bag that she made...wait til you see the back-pack that she made.

I will have more tomorrow!!


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