oh my...where does the time go.....

OK.....I have been thinking of this for soooo long. 
I worked at doing a concept of my ideas of sewing...all good...but way too hard to keep up with.

I am an artist.
I have never worked so hard and have enjoyed every bit of it...even if I may have not thought I loved it......but I do.

I get to do the stuff I love...which amounts to teaching people how to create...but first I figure out what to create....and then I get to put it into "instructions" for others to follow.

This is a little something I am working on.....
I was asked by a friend to make her wedding dress so that she could easily frolic on the beach.  I am delighted that I get to make this dress happen.

Now when it comes to sewing ....sometimes I procrastinate...I say it is easy..sometimes it really is not easy sew something...but then I dig in, and love it when I finish.

And I love that I can make cool stuff for myself, and that I know what to do to make cool stuff look like I payed big bucks for it....and that is my thing.  Let me show you how to make cool designer-like stuff.  It is a process...but I love it.

I also decided that I need to blog as a designer...but I am going to blog according to me.  I am taking a hint from a designing hero of mine.   What a remarkable lady...and I hope to be as accomplished one day. 

I promise to do this so that others can see my process....ommm...just warning you, I love to do alot of different things...and I hope you will love them too.

Really Truly Sew Rama,


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