Sew It All......Up!!

Wayyyyy back in October, I jumped on a plane to Denver for a short time to go film an episode of "Sew It All".  This fun sewing show can be seen in the
current lineup on PBS on Saturday mornings.

This was my agenda for the show.....
It was all about Fur!!
This is my Sassy Wrap Jacket pattern
 that will fit missy Sz 2 up to plus sizes.
You can also see my free pattern for the Paradiso DEsigns
Crossbody bag here.  Download the PDF
to make the bag with or without fur here.
And to Download the Paradiso Designs Strap Tutorial here.
This is Ellen March, the host of "SEw It All".....
The editor of "Sew News" & "Sew It All" a few other sewing related mags.
This make-up/hair artist is incredible.....I Loved the magic she created with my hair and make-up.  She was soooo good.
I apologize that I have forgotten her name.
She made me feel very pretty!
This Gal was on top of production and keeping up moving and on Time!
this is Nicki LaFoille, an editor at Sew News/Sew It All!
Who was simply lovely to work with.
Here is the studio can see some of my creations in the background, as we got ready to film.
Pictures First!!!
I am so trying to be ready....nervous....want to be a good guest!!

Ellen is a funny lady.
We keep getting fur fibers in our mouths, and eyes.....
But it is so worth it to work with Fur!!
The results are amazing! 
That Ellen is one amazing lady, she hosts, she is an editor to 5 magazines, and she is a mom.
I am inspired!!
thank-you to you and your team for allowing me to be a guest on
"Sew It All".
I had a great time and learned soooo much from all of you.
My episode should air on May 25th......
I will remind you...because I am very excited!!
Here is the link below for that!




Stacie Davis said…
How exciting! I cant wait to see your episode. Fur is scary, but if you can make a pleather believer out of me, I bet you can make fur easy as well!
S Sews said…
That sounds very exciting! I had a chance to meet Ellen and her staff this past summer and I agree - they are all absolutely delightful! I love sewing with faux fur and look forward to watching the episode you appear in!
ms.sad said…
Loving your beautiful curls!! And your mad fur are an inspiration!

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