Why yes, I can sew a block......

So my buddy Susie from over yonder via
Clothworks invited me
to come up with a quilt block.......
I totally decided that I was game!!
I even got to pick out what fabrics I wanted from this awesome line called
"Everything Blue"
                                           by Marsha McCloskey

I knew that I wanted to make something with texture.
And then I thought, well how about a little tradition, mmmm,
like a 9 patch block..... 

this is a sample that I stitched up to see how the stitching looks in circles to
resemble a rose. 
This texture making stuff is called Stitch & Steam by Bosal!

 Then....I decided to get inventive......so on my Bernina 780......
I stitched up my wonky roses....
I loved how the 780 allowed me to turn without
having to stop and lift my foot up.
I felt like I was driving a race car,
not sewing for goodness sense!! 
This is how it looked right after I sewed it &
before I steamed it up.....

+steam......and you get this!

I used one other texture technique that will be a main thingy
on my next pillow/duvet pattern.
It will be called the Twisted Rose, and involves gathering.
Below you can see the stitched and steamed roses...
and then the Twisted Roes that still have pins in them!
Unsewn .......&
As soon as the Quilt is completely assembled, we will celebrate and post a picture!!
Check out another block by another buddy of mine,
All I can say is that she is simply amazing.....!
Thank-you to Susie for asking me to play with a block!!


ms.sad said…
Cheryl, this post was wonderful! I love your wonky roses and new take on the nine patch! The surface design and texture is just fab. And look at you give me props at the end of your post....awww...warms my heart ;). SEW-RAMA!

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