Super Bowl Sunday........and I am so lucky to live and breathe in SEattle!!!!!! AND a lesson in copyrights!!

We are all the 12th man here in Seattleland!!
The Delimma:
My neighbors wool & very expensive Seahawk jacket was torn right through the logo on the top back of the jacket.....
and he asked me if I could fix it.
WELL I said...I have this beautiful
Bernina 780 that does embroidery.  We just needed to figure out what we would do. 
First you find a design that you would like to embroidery.
Then you need the software.....get it here at
We found the Seahawk font on a internet message board.
The font had to be digitized to work on my 780, then copied to a thumb drive, which was inserted into the 780. 
**********Please remember that this is very important.....
we are not licensed NFL merchandise we can not make or embroidery anything with a logo or the font and sell it....ever!!
This would be for the joy of sewing, and to make for family and friends only!!
Please start by making samples, as the first design was with a satin embroidery stitch, and it did not work because these letters were too big.
The satin Stitches would more then likely catch and snag...not good. 
So the stitching design that worked best was a multi-stitching that forms the letters and the stitches would sit better, unlikely to snag.
I stitched through 2 layers of felt, and a hard interfacing to give the design a good backing.
*****Important tip........
I learned by laying the water solvable clear plastic on top made the stitches lay on top of the felt instead of being buried into the felt...this really works!!  Then run a q-tip with water on the tip around the letter edges to dissolve/tear away the stabilizer. 
Seahawk blue for the letters and Seahawk green for the outline.....and this is what it looks like!!
I recommend using the Isacord OESD thread as it has a bit of sheen to the thread, and I have sewn an entire handbag with Isacord OESD...awesome thread to stitch fabric & pleather...just saying!!

You can see how the multi-stitching gives depth, but the stitches are more prominent as they "sit" on top of the felt...the water solvable stabilizer really does allow the stitches to be more prominent!!
This is how it was placed on the back of the jacket coving the tear...

And my neighbor is VERY HAPPY!!
Last night I drove around my neighborhood...I do live here in SEattle...and this is just SOME of the Seahawk pride being displayed by businesses and the fine citizens of Seattle.........

On 15th Ave...

I love that I could go to worship at this church...and truly be in god's hands!!
Sports X on 15th.....
Red Mill Burgers in Magnolia.....

Vixen Salon in Magnolia Village on McGraw...

GM  on 15th....

Harris Electric in Fisherman's Terminal....
Great use of Post-its....

Lots of Blue lights at lots of Seattle homes...

This door is awesome!
Lots of 12 Flags all over the place!!

This Seattle residence really come up with a cool way to display the 12th man!!

And my partner in picture taking....newest member to the Jackx!!


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