Life is nutty........

I have already asked to no one in particular where does the time go?
It just goes and goes as I work & work.

I have worked at getting it together, and it appears I am just finally getting the just of what it means to be an entrepreneur...kinda!

I have been busting a booty designing ........
                                            a few bags:

This is the Alison G4 Hobo

                                 (The Paradiso Pouch Trio (3 sizes)
                            The Lorelai Skirt (3 lengths....ANY Size)

to really make it in this business you have to diversify, there has to be many sides to your brand.  And then you have to be organized....I can personally vouch for being one HOT mess.  But I am getting there slowly & surely!!
There will be more to come on this blog from me, and I am really excited to do that!  Tomorrow morning I will be posting a free pattern to make hand using Blend Fabrics, designed by the incredible Cori Dantini!!  The Line is called Little Red.  Merry Christmas & Happy holidays to all.

See you tomorrow,
Cheryl  xo


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