this is the day after......

This is my zoo!!
This is my bed.
My kitty Bobbin & my pup Jackx are my faithful companions.

They stay pretty close to me regardless if I am sewing or sick in bed.
 Have you ever had a little nasty cold with high temps, and every cell of your body aches.
There is NO comfortable.
You are cold with chills
You are hot with sweat.
You just want to die quickly.
You want & pray it will end.
For 3 very long days.
But then the day after happens.......

Today is the day after.
I now know I will live.
And I can get on with all the work ahead of me  because Sew Expo is a few weeks away!

I thought I would give a preview of my new bag called 
"The 4Way Tote".
Here is Look No. 3

It is made with hand-dyed wool, some Paradiso Pleather for the bottom and the adjustable strap.  Check out the new Paradiso Hardware, buckles for 1" straps

Here is another view of The 4Way Tote,
This is Look No. 1.

Notice that this Look No. 1 has 2 straps and each adjusts with the buckle.

I always worry that many of my handbag patterns are intense.  I wanted to offer with a bag pattern that is mid size so that anyone could use it, and they had choices too!!

I truly hope that you will like it.

And did I mention........
yep there will be a sew a long, right here on this blog!!
It will happen in March!!

Thanks for hanging out & reading!!


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