This is my first post of this year.
Of course time has passed quickly.....
I still do not know where it went.

I am working hard to be on my game.
I actually have updated my events and kiddo classes pages...
before the events and kiddo classes have started.
Kinda a big deal to me.
Click on these tabs at the top of this page.

I am working on new designs.
And a new look for my Paradiso pattern covers.
It is time to simplify.
It is time to get to it.

I am working on communicating what Paradiso Sewing Patterns are about.
I know that cork is taking over the world....
but I still believe in pleather.

So I will be having more conversations about it.

Contact me about anything sewing classes/patterns related
cheryl at paradisodesigns dot com

A Huge Thank-you!!


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