AND it is 2019! Happy New Year!!

WOW it is 2019.

I was invited to lecture at the wonderful quilt store Two Thimbles in Bellingham, Washington which is located about 80 miles north of Seattle.

Bellingham is a quaint town on the water just off of I-5. On Saturday morning it was sunny and clear.  And this was the view I was lucky enough to behold......

and this.....

oh and this!!
Love me a Pacific ocean view.
When I see a view like this i lose and find myself all at once.
It makes my soul so very happy.

Bellingham is serene with huge houses on quiet streets.  Houses and yards without a lot of fences or obstacles.  It allowed me to see the neighborhood for a distance on a cold and sunny morning.  Everything seemed to glisten!

Two Thimbles is owned by the lovely Lee Glendening.  I loved her carefully curated fabric collections that offer something for everyone. 
Lee and her staff are knowledgeable skilled sewists and quilters.  They know the fabrics, the fabric designers and have a great understanding how fabrics work in many genres of quilts and are just all over wonderful with customers. 
I love learning about fabric collections I was unfamiliar with and how they came to be. 
This is something to behold and cherish especially since many brick & mortar stores have closed. 

Two Thimbles has everything from modern to batiks, 
to traditional quilting fabrics, to bark cloth is available.
And more!!

Do not forget the hand dyed wool, pearl cotton twist, 
and complete selection of embroidery thread.
There is also a selection of interfacing for garment and handbag creation galore!
AND notions too.

I really loved the awesome selection of toweling that she had with a range of projects including a storage basket to handbags to this sweet embroidery/applique.

I invested in some toweling too!!

I shared one of my favorite lectures  "Designer Handbag Details"
I get the opportunity to share my tips on what makes a handbag look pretty AND 
strong!  I like to take questions at anytime during the lecture and it makes for interesting handbag talk.  Plus everyone learns something about handbag making...including me!!

I will be teaching a Handbag Making Techniques class at Two Thimbles
 in Bellingham on March 23rd.
The class will cover sewing pleather/faux leather AND handbag construction.  We truly would love to you join us!  You can sign up by calling Two Thimbles @ 360-715-1629.

Two Thimbles is located on 1805 Cornwell Avenue,
just a hop and a skip west off of I-5 in Bellingham, Washington.
Bellingham is also a one hour drive north of the Canadian border.

And for those of you that have seen me teach at Sew Expo in Puyallup, Washington....... I am teaching a  sewing pleather/faux leather techniques class there...but it has sold out for the 3rd year in a here is another chance to take it and handbag construction techniques in one workshop!

Thanks for reading! Wishing you a beautiful day.
ox, Cheryl


Tonil said…
I have just found your Gospel of Pleather series and so search you out in the hope of finding pleather!
I hope 2019 has been good for you and wanted to say thank you for that great and so helpful pleather series of tutorials...

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