How I Achieved Almost Zero Waste Making a Lilac Wrap Sweater & a Bonus Scarf

 I needed a win and a finish for me!

And I was able to provide a little self care and make something for myself!

And I was able to use almost all of this fabulous knit fabric.

I love it!  Especially now that it is winter here in Seattle.

I have made many scarves using this method,

in many different fabrics.

This is a soft, fuzzy, poly knit fabric I purchased at Joann's.

I bought it to make a long sweater jacket with my

Lilac Easy Wrap sewing pattern. (I will do a post on this soon)

After cutting out the sweater and this scarf to be,

this is what I had left over!

Here is the finished scarf!

Leftover piece...perfect for a scarf!

These end edges are finished, so I am leaving them as they are.

I did cut out the pattern, and found I had this 15"+ piece left over.  

I had already decided to work on the jacket the next day.

But I had some energy left, and I know how important it is to make a little

something for yourself. That helps me to focus on the next project,

when I can give myself some creative time.

The sweater fabric is almost 65" wide.  

Generally I like scarves around 80", cause I like to wrap.

But, I checked and knew I could make this work.

The fabric by itself did not need to be lined.

I love being able to edge fabric to finish it.

I use this same technique to finish the top edges of my pockets.

I had this fabric to use for binding the edge, 

but I knew I would need to throw a little extra binding into make sure 

to cover all raw edges.  I keep leftovers binding fabrics

for occasions like this!!

Binding fabric strips are cut at 1-7/8" wide.

Here is the fun mix of fabrics for binding!

Then I cut it at the 45 degree angle to join the pieces.

Pin together!

1/4" seam sewn, seams pressed open.

Then I use a bias tape folder to iron the binding.
A 1-7/8" straight grain cut will easily feed thru.

Ironing the binding in half.

I love this trick.
I put the needle down, and it will act as a third hand.

I sew a 3-4" tail, that will knot to finish.

Using the needle as a third hand,

while I use my 2 hands to insert the raw fabric edge.

Yes, that is bright neon coral thread,

my gut told me I needed to have some fun here.

I think it works because the neon mixes well with the neutrals!

I take my time and insert the raw edge into the binding, then sew it into place & repeat!

Here is the end with another tail that will be knotted.

Then I knot close to the end,

and cut off at an angle.

And here it is.

Remember to give yourself selfcare too!

Thank-you for reading, I hope it inspires you too!💗


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