Summer Sew Camp Creations!!!!!

Look at what my kids did this last week......
Look at the stretch jeans that Tess is almost finished with!  And check out the fit too.
Riley made this incredible plush funky mouse!!  She embellished with a 3 part zig-zag stitch!
Look at what Gabi made!  This skirt has the chartruse trim with applique' leaves, it is so fabulous!
Lauren was quite the little seamstress...She managed to make a plush rabbit, and the floral headband.  I think her choice of colors is oh so chic!!
Here is Alexis and her version of my Lolita Skirt, and with the longer yoke, it is a midi made in fashion heaven!!
Simonne rocks her look in this floral litle number with black trim and red topstitching, and she looks so good, perfect proportions for her!
And here is the whole gang in addition to Riley's lttle sister!!!  See you next week!


ms.sad said…
The projects are looking great thanx to your expert sewing direction and sew-rama-motivation! This is "sew inspirational"!!!!

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