Sewist of the Week - Lia!

It is that time of the week again....SEwist of the Week!!!!
This week we have the Lovely Lia!!!!

Lia first made this skirt with a pocket and an applique flower!!
Genny, the sewing hound lays at her feet!!

Lia proudly holds an apron that she made for a Xmas gift 2 years ago...Genny thinks that Lia did very nicely on this gift for her Mom.

Here is Lia and her best friend Hannah, they love sewing and creating together.  Lia just finished this adorable pillow case!!

Lia just finished her first Tiny bag here, and it fits her perfectly!!
And of course there is Genny that sewing hound hanging out with Lia.  Did you notice Genny is in EVERY picture with Lia.  That is becasue Lia is kind and gentle to Genny, and Genny loves that!!

Lia is in her second year sewing with me here at the Sewing Lounge, and she is really becoming quite skilled.  I was so proud when she topstitched a vest for her American Girl Doll with  1/16th of an inch seam allowance.  Pretty excellent for one so young.   We enjoy having Lia at the sewing lounge and hope that she continues to want to explore the big wide and crazy world of sewing.
Thanks for being such a wonderful student Lia!
Have a good vacation and take Paris in, it is a fabulous city!!

Do not forget that next Saturday April 9th
is the fire sale right here at the Paradiso DEsigns
SEwing Lounge.
I and Melissa, and Lily will be here from 10am-4pm ready to help you find that speical fabric or notion or pattern.
I am cleaning it all out...I have way too much inventory.
Vintage and new......
See you there,

We will have


ms.sad said…
OMG!!! Lia is one fabuloso sewing lady!!! That tiny bag is adorable!! Her skirt is soooo cute with the flower applique! PS--I LOVE seeing my fabric donations go to good use!!! :)

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