Quilt Market Spring 2011...here I go!!

I have to tell everyone
everyone in Salt Lake City is so darn nice.....

I am in Salt Lake for The International Quilt Market!!!

This is my 2nd Market,
and I feel a little wiser, but not much about how to do I do this.....?
So I have been working like a crazy person to get my new patterns ready,
& to create a fun & cool booth!!

I thought I would give you a couple of glimpes,
until I reveal the final booth design!!

 Back at the sewing lounge last weekend, here are the organized piles of all the stuff that I was making that I would need!

Packing up the newest Paradiso Designs Pattern!!
The BoHo Frock....can be made in 3 lengths.....you will see all of the samples later!!

Here in the hotel room in Salt Lake City I have the "Booth in a Bag" here with a few new purchases for the booth!!  Look for where you can find them in the pictures!!!

And here is my back drop curtain.  I got this muslin for Fall 2010 Market for a neutral backdrop.....and well I just had to use it again....so I painted it for a new backdrop look!!!!
As my Mom and I put it up today, I had a few nice comments of passers by....I was very happy to hear that.  As an artist you always worry if people will like it, love it, or think it is the dumbest thing they have ever seen!!!
Let's hope they like it!!

In addition to painting my backdrop...last fall I found that it was a bit short....So I added this ruffle at the bottom, and I am happy to report that it just grazes the ground now!!!  
I had cut an opening to get behind my booth, and decided to also hand sew a burn-out velvet with platium thread around the opening, to make it look real pretty...or what I think is real pretty!!!!
Stay tuned tomorrow as I finish with the details.....
xoxox, Cheryl


Lorena said…
Hola! I left you a little something in my blog! wish you a great day! ciao

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