Celebrating everything........

Each and every day I get up in the morning with some sort of to-do list.  A lot of the time it is super unrealistic, but I keep pushing myself to keep at this design thing.

There are times I feel like I am not going anywhere, but I work to not think in any negative ways.  I want to celebrate whatever I need to each day for myself, and what I get to do.

To celebrate that I can at least have the opportunity to design, and to teach design in any way that I can.

I was just at Sew Expo last month, and released 3 new patterns there.  I feel so good about these designs, as I think I was able to do something that will really inspire sewists to create!!*****PLEASE NOTE, if you are interested in these patterns, they are not listed on my website yet, but please email me at cheryl@paradisodesigns.com   for retail or wholesale inquires.  Thanks for understanding!!

I have a new series of patterns called "Art on a Bag".  Here are 2 of the new designs that I used on my Be Green Market Bag as the model for the designs.  Which means that these Art on a Bag can used on any bag pattern be it the Urbanista Hobo, the Okashi, or a bag pattern that you love!

The first pattern is called Love + Live!  Paper pieced, then quilted, then the bag is assembled!!
LOVE this!!

            I LIVE this!!
I am not sure if you noticed the pink quilting stitching to bring out the pink in the main background fabric!  I also used it to do a decorative stitch on the strap.  Love the pink on the denim!!

And the funky letters!!

The second pattern is called Kaleidoscope!!  This is a quilt as you go pattern using a spectrum of fabric strips to create the circling affect!!

Pinks into green.

Greens into pinks.

If you do use my Market Bag pattern for this "Art on a Bag", there is a bonus of how to add a lining to the Market Bag to protect the stitching....and how about a few pockets!!

I love the effect this has....and it can be done in sooo many ways!!

Super fun-fun!!

The third pattern is a spin-off  design of the Xine Basket Bag.  It is called the Emma Fold Over Bag!!  I wanted a bag that looks as good as the Xine, but the elements are of the Emma are just as good for a very different look.  The bag looks on trend if carried with the handles, then for a different just as fabulous look, simply fold over the top of the bag and use the cross-body strap.
Trying to be arty taking pictures.....not sure I succeeded.....
and this the colors on this bag are calming.  This home dec fabrics are 2 soft canvas fabrics from F & S Fabrics in L.A.  I like pairing the stripe with the floral.....what do you think?

I love the proportions of this bag, and the way they all work together.  It is a new way to have the tabs to attach the straps, and it works seamlessly.....
did you notice the side pockets that are easy to use!

And I am so happy with how it looks the way it folds and how the tabs work here as well.  A little trick with the buttons.  They are mother of pearl, and you see the backs of the buttons here....because the fronts of the buttons were too light, and I found a great contrast with the button backs!

And the lining has pockets, 4 of them, and they are sewn into the seams for strength...no ripping out!!
Every time I look at the bags closely, I get happy because they keep looking good, even as I look them over to see if I need to change anything up!

I would love to hear what you think of all my new designs.  I would like to hear what you like....and if you do not like.
And I appreciate those comments....they help me in many different ways!
Thanks to all of you!


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