It is a "Field Day" to work with beautiful fabric!

Well....last fall at Quilt Market 2013 in Houston, I had a chance to meet Alison Glass.  Then I found out that she is an amazing fabric designer for Andover Fabrics!  Also....Alison will be releasing her first book with Lucky Spool Publishing about on the look for it in October!!  I have heard really awesome things about this publisher and how they allow the artist more input into how their books are named and the look also...super exciting news for any artist that wants to write a book!!

I was fortunate enough to make a few things for Alison's booth in Philadelphia for Spring Market 2014!!  So I thought I would show you the goods!

My intern Brit and I had a little fun trying to take action you can see below.
This is my newest bag pattern called the Emma Foldover Bag.
I LOVE this bag...and have even made myself one.....I will get to use it after I take the pictures for the new pattern cover. 
And Field Day is an amazing fabric line.  I loved it when I first saw the images...but I was over the moon with I saw the giant flowers jumping at me off the fabric!!  I love big prints, and I especially love the colors that Alison put together for this line!!

**Special shout-out to Alison.....thanks for letting me play with your fabrics for Market....hope I get to do it again!!

Action View...if you were walking and holding it by the handles...
Close-up view
And the fold over/crossbody view
Next we have the Boho Frock.  I have been altering the Boho Frock pattern a lot to achieve different here I did not add the sleeves, and using the unique hem line of the Boho Frock I made it into a high-low tunic here!  And I cut one skirt and added beefy 3-4" bias strips to give it this layered look!  Voile was the main frock fabric...with the print used for trims and bias layers!
 Here is the front view......
boho frock tunic
Front View LIVE!
Thanks to my intern Brittany for being my model!
Here is the back view...with a lowered neckline...and the hi-low hemline!
The back view LIVE!
Here are the bias layers!
I love sewing them on with the pink contrast.
The neckline trim...still with pink thread

Sleeve trim.....

And.....this is what it looks like belted if desired!!
Here is another variation of the Boho Frock with sleeves!
I used fabric where there would normally be lace....and inset gathered sleeves.  I used a 1" bias strip to add trim to the sleeve as I LOVE to do....and then added a bit more trim!
boho frock dress

Here is the Boho Frock and the Emma Bag live with Brit....
 The fun trim on the neckline.....

Here is the dress belted.....such a great look too!
Please excuse the mess that is my studio.......

And the bias layers too......yes I did cut the dress skirt longer!

 Here is the Emma Folded Over for a better look!

And one more blurred action shot!



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