with a goal in mind....

It has hit me squarely in the face that I introduce my sewing patterns
 or how will you know about them?
Or how else are you going to learn why I design and publish them.
The really funny thing here is that I have a college degree in Marketing.
And now I finally figured out to use it!!

It was brought to my attention to explain a few things....I am in the midst of
many awesome changes here at Paradiso Designs.  I am working towards having as much info available about the patterns, and an easy way to order them.
I do currently have a website:  www.paradisodesigns.com
Where I have a majority of my pattterns, pleather and hardware kits available
 to order from this store,
But not all the newest patterns are up because it involves the old style
 of code writing to create new listings.  I am having a new website designed,
but it is still a few months away.
I decided to set up a new Etsy Store
 (and I could not use my old store, but I had many sales...)
 and where it is much easier to list everything.  I will be building it day by day.
If you have any questions I encourage you to
reach out to me via email: service@paradisodesigns (dot)com
I love working with you!!  So do not be shy!
Ok...on to the Boho Frock!!

In 2010 I designed the Boho Frock....here it is in all its glory.

The Boho Frock Formula is a dress that can be made into three lengths, mini, midi and maxi.
I wanted to offer a cool frock that could use lace embellishment to give it a vintage vibe.
I used the kind of packaged lace that is used to hem garments, but better yet for those that may live in small towns where it might be hard to find lace trim.
And I loved this frock for the varied hemline....I crave different when I have the opportunity to create for myself

I did not want to grade this pattern because I wanted it to work for everyone and all sizes.
Typically when a pattern is graded, it becomes bigger everywhere, and I believe that contributes towards many patterns being difficult to fit, especially for anyone that is "petite or petite plus".

The truth about patterns.....
*Why is it thought that if you get taller then you also get wider...evenly?

*Why is it impossible to let sewists know what their options are?

*Why does the sewing industry adhere to sewing techniques that really do not work?

These truths drive me crazy, because it leads sewists down this road where they learn to believe how sewing is done in only one way, and it takes away their ability to sew with an open mind.

I made the Boho Frock  to adjust according to your measurements
That means that one pattern can be used for all sizes....after you have cut it out.
This is also true for any Paradiso Sewing Pattern that has the word Formula in the title.  
That means it works for everyone, even Petite and Petite Plus gals.
(FYI....if a pattern is graded out, it is almost impossible to fit these mentioned sizes)

This is what the Boho Frock looks like with lace overlaying silk

The aubergine (think dark brown with a hint of purple overtone) lace overlays a sage green silk.  The sleeves and the second skirt tier are just lace!
It was the cool bodice with the varied hemline, there was this whole idea of the layers.....
And the coolest thing is to use the bodice pattern + utilizing strip cutting to create the other pieces,
but then......

 I started making tops....

This is double guaze from Nano Iro with lots of cool trims added.  Only the bodice piece was used to creat this Boho Top.  I was super surprized when my friend Paul Gallo told me that he thought that Lame' fabric (metallic and shiny woven fabric) could not be used to make bias trim.....that is until he saw this top.  He finished his sentence with "but I guess you have proven that  thought wrong"
That sums up my life + my passion for sewing.
I like to try many techniques out....and work at making then my own.
My patterns are packed with all kind of sewing tips like that.
I think the reason I could make the bias Lame' work is that I do not iron the bias before I sew it in/on.
Ironing stretches the bias, making it even harder to sew it on...
I think about how can I allow the fabric to lay where it likes to lay...... 
AND get it to do what I want it to do.

The bias neck trim will be a tutorial for another day when I post the sew-along of the Boho Frock!!  Which I am working on now.  

So...there I am playing with the Boho Frock Pattern...making it do many things....here is one of my favorites...

A cool inversion of the pattern will create a hi-low hemline, with no gathering of the sleeves.
I bought this lace at a very fun fabric shop here in Seattle (Stitches).
And this was the perfect project to use it on...the Boho lace music festival dress!

Here is another new favorite......

I used Cotton and Steel Double Gauze here...
I lengthen the Bodice length to create a tunic and
then attached a bias (6") trim for the hem of the dress,
and bias metallic linen trim for the hem of the sleeve.

ANYWAY....i get bored and must play..
.over time people kept asking me if the Boho Frock pattern had the instructions
 to make all these variations (including a hi-low version) ...and sadly I would say no.  
But, I wanted to be able to offer such instructions.

Now..... the Boho Frock Diversion/Hack Sewing Pattern is live.....

The Boho Frock Diversion will also instruct you how to make the Boho Frock Pattern pieces into more stable pieces that will enable you to create for the different sizes.
I am also hoping that some of the techniques will be new to you to use for all types of sewing construction!

This is where you can buy the Boho Frock Pattern Duo.
This pattern duo is 20% off for the month of June for the Paradiso Pattern of the month!!
Between the 2 patterns there are 30+ pages of instructions
and 30+ pages of illustrations to guide you in your Boho Frock making......,
even how to cut bias for the neck and hemlines

This is not the end of the Boho Frock educational story......

On May 30th I will have my 
first ever Paradiso Passionate Sewist Profile
to share!! 
Also on the near horizon is the Boho Frock Sew-a-long.  
I will be using thrift-ed or fabric from my own stash to "make" my own fabric.
The sew-a-long will also have a technique that is not included in the pattern!!

If you would like to see the stuff I work on almost daily,
follow me on Instagram @cheryofparadiso.

I love your comments that tell me what else you would like to see!!
Thanks for hanging out!!
xo, cheryl


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