It is about time........

that I get my act together, and just do it!!  Just like Nike likes to mention often......JUST DO IT!!

So here I am participating in Social Media, because I need to let peoples know what I am up to.  Yes I totally ment to write peoples. 

I am always creating or thinking about this is where I am getting ready for Quilt Market Fall Houston, which I have come to love because it is an arty city in its own way.  It was the first place that I traveled to when I made my first foray to working my sewing pattern business!!

It is a cool place in the USA that I am lucky enough to see it!!

I take a gazillon pictures when I am creating/teaching/thinking I need to record a here are a few for you to feast your eyes on...I have never shown a project in mid design/construction before, but here is a first.........

New Handbag Design...... do not know how it is going to be finished...but I love it enough that I think I may have 2 looks in a pattern for the first time.

I am liking how it hangs on the body....thank-you Sophia for modeling this morning!!

And I am loving the composition of the straps and the way the tabs are working beautifully on the sides!
I would love to hear what you all think?
Comment away.....OR
I will show the finished bag soon!!
Patterns will be available in December!
Thanks for tuning in!!
Sew Rama, Cheryl


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