Well.....while I am up this early in the morning......

In a few weeks it will be International Quilt Market Time.
Right now around 1000 vendors for this event are going nuts as we all scramble to get "stuff" done for this fun event.

On one side I am so happy to be a part of this event that rocks my life every 6 months.

On the other side I am just a little cranky because I am working insane hours to be ready to give my audience some really cool innovative designs that will make them excited, and hopefully to inspire them to want my designs to create.

I have a new dress pattern that is cool and fun and bohemian....my fav style at the moment.

I am working on 2 new handbag designs.

One is inspired by another bag pattern of mine called The Xine Basket Bag.
I love this bag!!
I saw this really cool fabric by Hoodie Cresent.....she asked me to make The Xine in her fabric.....so I did.
You will be able to see The Xine below at Market in Houston Fall 2013
I fell in love the artwork of Cori Dantini......
She had a line of fabrics with Blend (part of Anna Griffin)
Check out this yummy pile below......

I am making the new design inspired by the Xine bag in this fabric,
& the 2Harlow Skirt......
& another new bag design too!!

 I am also sewing mu guts out making groovy samples for many other vendors......such as
& Checker
& Bosal!!
So I am going to do my best to fulfill my part of social media for Paradiso....so that I can keep in touch with everyone!!
Sew Rama,


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