Big Time Embroidery via the Bernina 780........ happening in the Sewing Lounge

This is Anna, and she learned to sew this last summer.
She wanted to make a vintage inspired dress....
something like a shift!
Well....she sewed for a few weeks, and finally finished a
cute, cute dress!!
She went for retro...using polka dot material...
but in a funky robin's egg blue color.
See retro classic fabric, but in a swell color!! 
Somewhere along the cutting out stage...a spool of red thread was next to the polka dot fabric...and it reminded me of the mid century colors for diners.
Anna loved it....and we decided to sew this retro frock with bright red thread that contrasted the robin's egg blue perfectly.
After Anna finished the dress I asked her if she would be interested in sewing an embroidery design around the circle-like skirt.
Anna loved that idea too.
So I showed her how it works with the Bernina 780...
oh what a machine!!  She practiced getting use to this really cool
sewing machine.
We did interface the skirt fabric with
Bosal woven sew-in interfacing #306.
When the embroidery was finished, the excess
 interfacing was cut away!  
Here Anna is stitching away.


Anna was stitching pattern 1059,
and if you look at the display,
you can see what is being stitched.
The pattern is bigger then the foot,
so the foot moves.
To sew straight, a seam allowance must be followed...
and this was a bit tricky because...
the hem was curved. 
But Anna was determined to make this embellishment happen!!  

Here is all the stitching that has been done!!

And here is the finished result!!

Back View

She was very, very happy to be finished.
This dress is completely lined also.
It has an invisible zipper too!!

Ava and Ellis showed their infinity scarves....
& Ellis is holding the newest member of the Sewing Lounge....
The new lab puppy!!

Jackx could not control herself!!

I had such a fun time with these girls....I hope to see them again!!
ox, Cheryl!!


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