International Quilt Market Fall 2013.....

I recently was at The International Quilt Market Fall 2013t in Houston.  I was very lucky and was a part of the Bosal Interfacing/Foam booth.

This is what Market looks like when everyone is setting up amidst all the boxes that house all of our goodies!!

Then something cool happens and with everyone working like squirrels in the fall....things start to fall into place as all the colors bloom and start to come out.  Visually it is a big color blare, then after a bit it becomes easier to focus and actually see things individually!!
This picture below was taken during Market and Bob (the prez, yellow shirt) and Rolando (the vice-prez light-blue shirt), are in the background networking as we all are to drive our businesses.  I learned so much from being around them.  Plus, they are a hoot to be around.  I laughed so hard, and met a lot of good people through these 2 gentlemen.  It was a memorable experience that I will never forget!!
This was different from having my own booth, and I liked it!!  Plus I got to sew  on a Bernina of course (thank-you Jeannine at Bernina) is always so nice to be able to multi-task!!
The Bernina model I was sewing on was a Bernina 530, and it was a great machine.  Handled the pleather for this bag wonderfully.
Here is a Cross-Body Bag(you know that this is a fee pattern) that I am sewing for my friend
Ginny picture shows what it looks like!
See it hanging right there on the I just need to send it to Ginny!!
Hope she likes it!
YOu know I have pleather kits (to make straps)  for the handbag patterns.
They are sitting on the table....use them for my patterns OR
other handbag patterns.
Makes super comfortable straps.
Please check them out!!
I really loved being a part of this booth!!
At the end of the table in the picture below is a new bag design that I have not named yet, and the bag that is in Sew Stylish Fall 2013 right now.
Coral Lace over Gunmetal Lame'....I loved how that came out.

then of course 3 days are gone....and it is time to pack up....
and so we do.
The most important thing I take from this market is that I want to do really good business.  
Meaning that:
I want to give the best I can to the lovely sewists that buy my patterns. 
I want to give them what they want.  I want to educate them so that they can make the right decisions, and be happy with what they are creating.
I want them to be successful at what they are creating.
I want them to know it is possible to sew beautiful things for a fraction of the cost.
And I want them to know that it will take some time.
I had a wonderful conversation with Kathy Mack, owner extraordinaire of Pink Chalk Fabrics  at Market.
Her Fall Market Trend Report was excellent.   I have seen many people mention how well spoken it was.
This conversation gave me so much food for thought on what I need to do for my own business journey.
I work very hard on my patterns to give sewists something that is not offered by anyone else.  But I have to do two things to get the word out.  I have to tell the world about these patterns and pleather kits....and I need to explain how it all works.
And this is where Kathy comes in with her report.  She talked about slowing down.  Taking things step by step to achieve and create something beautiful.
My patterns take time, but the result that one gets is awesome.  I hope to get the word out about what I have to offer the sewing world, and I am hoping that you all like it!!
So be prepared to learn some new things on this little blog...because I have some really fun things coming up!

Thank-you to every body that I had the chance to talk with in Houston.
I learn so much each time I go.


Stacie Davis said…
Holly and I missed you at the festival! I'm glad you had a good experience at market. :)

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