A little wedding frock reveal!

This summer a friend of mine that I adore asked me to make her wedding dress.
Betsy is a no fuss kind of gal.  She told me she knew exactly what she wanted and then she showed me a dress that she loved and said simply...this is what I want. 
The dream bride to be. 
I am the luckiest designer in the world
Seriously, she was happy with whatever I did, and at every fitting.
We went to the fabric store found bridal satin, some drappy chiffon, and there was beaded lace at 75% off, and we went for it!  We were done fabric shopping in like 35 minutes.  That...is a world record for me.
I set apond making this special dress, and I did so by drafting a little muslin pattern!  Cut zee fabric, a few fittings and this is what came from it!! 
Now...if I can ever figure how to transfer a picture from my phone to my laptop...I will be able to show the darn inspiration!
In any case...tada!  this is the dress that I made for beautiful Betsy...who will be getting married on a beach in 2 days...oh my! 

Here it is........
Now, it this frock perfect for a beach wedding..or what?

ps...I asked her if I could post this...and she told me I could!

Congrats Betsy & Kelly, I think you are a couple made in heaven.  Have a great time in Hawaii!!


ms.sad said…
Well done! That is beautiful for the bride on the beach! I can't believe it only took 35 minutes to pick out all the fabric...that is truly record time for Ms.Sewrama!! But, I believe that sometimes when you spend too much time in the fabric store....it just ends up getting complicated. Good job, the future bride looks lovely in this gorgeous dress!
Wenni Donna said…
Thanks for sharing these adorable wedding dresses as these will be pretty helpful in choosing my wedding dress for my wedding in couple of months. Currently want to book elegant Malibu wedding venues within our budget.

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