Today is Dress Day!

One of my students Megan, dreamed of the perfect dress for herself to vogue about in the warmth of spring and summer.  And, she asked me to create it for her.  Well, you know, her wish is my command.  So I was off to complete this task.  Megan is this very refined woman.  I think that she has the best attitude about life.  She has little sayings that are like the quotes you might hear from the mom in "Leave it to Beaver", yet Megan brings this new century freshness to her words of wisdom.  She makes me smile!

Megan pointed me in the direction of the website/blog called "Dress a Day".  The dress is back baby!  Gals galore are making dresses from vintage patterns or they are wearing vintage dresses.  We choose to create a special frock for Miss Megan.  She had fabric in mind, and had found a blouse pattern.  And a blouse pattern does not make a dress.....yet, that is exactly what I did.  I drafted the skirt to fit the dress, and it turned out wonderful.  I really enjoyed this process as I threw in a few fun details.  We decided on 3/4 sleeves, mother of pearl buttons, and the facing on the sleeves and the collar is a white baby cotton stripe.  We also used a muted variegated thread to sew it all up.  Except for the buttonholes.  I love variegated thread, but it bothers me if it is used for buttonholes.  It just looks tarty (tarty= bad).  So I matched the thread for that those buttons.  In any case here are the pictures on "The Dress for the Day for Megan".  She really loved it and so did her mom.

I also had my gal pal Melissa over sewing today, and she made a sash/scarf to complement her new knit kimona dress made from the Weekend Sewing book by Heather Ross.  Melissa has this beautiful silk japanese print, that we backed with chiffon to make the sash/scarf.  This will be one of my free pattens on my website in the near future!  See my landing page at

I am topstitching the sleeve here!

This is the dress fabric, and you can see the verigated thread in the topstitching.

Here is the white lace stripe used for the facings.

This is the raw materials for the dress of the day.

Check out the collar facing, it is the perfect match!

And....ta-ta, here is Megan in her new frock. I think she looks great in it, and is now offically ready for summer!

This is the most beautiful sash that I helped Melissa make. This is just a simple tie. It is amazing how great material works when you sew it the right way!

this is the back of the sash, artfully twisted.

Here are all the fixings for Tiny bags to be made tomorrow. See you then!


So for all you in or near the  greater Seattle area, on Saturday, June 6th, I will be doing a trunk show of my pillows, handbags, market bags, and my fun, electic jewelry.  The trunk show will be at Bleu Papillon in Magnolia at 3315 W. McGraw,  Seattle,  Washington  98199.  I will also  be design and color consulting, and taking custom orders for anything that your heart desires.  Please call for an appointment at  (206)284-3526.  I would love to see you there!

Tomorrow, check out what I am making for the show!!!!!!   Sew Rama.


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