American Sewing Guild Presentation, Beaverton, Oregon

Pleather straps
 Hello to all you lovely ladies that will be joining me on Saturday February 5, 2011 for my take on sewing pleather among other more difficult fabrics to sew, and how to create something that will last!!  I will be showing you my own tutorial on how to sew a pleather strap that looks and acts like leather, meaning that it will be strong enough to hold that beloved handbag.

I will be talking about the different kinds of pleather.  For those of you taking the workshop, you will learn how to set up your machine to sew pleather.  A pleather sample kit will be given to each workshop attendee allowing you to test sew different kinds of pleather.

In the presentation I want to allow questions of all kinds, as it will allow everyone to get the information on sewing pleather that is not really written down anywhere!!

Inside pockets of Okashi Bag
 I will also be touching on the ways to pick colors for whatever you are sewing!!  That includes your fashion fabric, linings, and the one thing that I find people do not think has an impact on your project, though we absolutely need it….that being said, think outside of the box with your thread!! Let me help you make your project a little more zesty!!  You will be able to see how the same pattern can be made with different fabrications for different finished looks.

Please also remember that I will have my patterns, pleather kits , and hardware to make my bags for sale, and everything is 20% off for all of you taking time out of your weekend to come and join me for some sew chat, and then some sew time!! I have included a supply list for you to have on hand for the workshop. And please visit my website so that you can see the patterns that I have in my line for you to add to your own personal stash!! I will be posting a blog post for you ladies of this supply list, so that it is handy dandy for reference! Please check this two days before the presentation in case I have forgotten anything here. You can also email me before the presentation at Please email at least two days before so that I can get back to you before the presentation!!

Paradiso Designs Workshop Supply List:

*Your Sewing Machine
Okashi Bag made in Pleather
*Teflon Foot…..if you do not have one, I have another solution here
*110 needles, can be leather, topstitch, or denim needles, this is very important.
*Regular thread works fine here, but you can also use 100% cotton quilting thread!!
*Any fabric that you are struggling to sew on, or are not sure how to decide on fabric selections for any of my bag patterns, or of any project (bags, clothing, or whatever you have) for help, guidance, and   encouragement!
*Sewing markers…which for me include and ink pin, sharpies or other felt markers, and the hard chalk too!
*Sewing tools of scissors, thread nips, straight pins, and whatever else you think you will need.
*Rotary Cutter/board/ruler-3”x18”

Thanks everyone…and especially you Deb!!



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