Sunday Sewing Obsession........Gotta Getta a Grip!

Do you see this lovely lady!!
The Getta Grip works just like a pin, but better!!

Check out this powerful little gal, because she is an essential tool in my sewing lounge.  I work with pleather/vinyl all the time, and the Getta Grip clips hold materials together like pins do, except they does not leave pin holes.
I used her and all of her identical looking sisters when I was deep into making custom drapes last week.  The clips are such a help when I need to measure long pieces of fabric...I just clip that measuring tape in place, and I end up getting accurate measurements!!  The clips are also great for fitting and alterations, and are a perfect replacement for straight pins.
The start of making a pleather/vinyl strap that looks like real leather!

Here the clips are holding the trim piece in place until I can sew it and secure it!

I was so lucky to meet the inventor of the Getta Grip Clips when I was in San Francisco filming two Power Sewing shows with the incredible Sandra Betzina in San Franciso.  Sandra is one of the nicest people I have met.  I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to work with her.   It was pretty exciting to film my first sewing show with her!  And I learned so much from Sandra and her team, and I taink them for being so gracious with such a beginner like me!
Paul Gallo was filming with Sandra's sewing partner in crime, Ron Collins. He was showing his fabulous clips to the entire sewing community that tunes into "Power Sewing" and to witness the latest and coolest stuff going on in sewing today!!  As I listened to Paul describe what his mighty clip could do and I turned to Sandra saying that I could really use these wonder clips.  It has been fun getting to know Paul, and to promote his clips.  I love watching Paul's business grow as magazines like Stitch and Threads promote Getta Grip Clips.     
So...I took the clips to The International Quilt Market and Festival with me, so that I could let my distributors know about this lady that really does hold on!  I personally think that they would be great for those quilters that have a hard time working with straight pins.  And clips do not prick you either!!

I am going to share these pictures with you just for fun!!
I keep the clips in this bowl by my sewing machine!!

This is what I find after my Kiddo's class on Mondays.  Riley is my resident should see how she organizes thread too!  Thank-you Riley!

so.....please check out the Getta Grip Clips for your pleather/vinyl/leather sewing, and so much more!!
Check in tomorrow for method monday!
Sew Rama,


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