Sewist of the week ... and an introduction!

Okay, here I am again.  I wanna blog, gotta blog…must blog.  Must find the time to blog so that I can put out the word about what I would love to contribute to the world of sewing. I hope to show other sewists new sewing methods and tips that will help and allow them to make things that they never thought they could make!

I am up and running in this crazy, chaotic ride of an entrepreneur’s dream. Call me nutty, but I would not even think of trading this wild creative gig of what I am doing with my life for that lovely thought of a Monday through Friday thing called “a regular job”.

So…..I had an opportunity come my way.  It is the best gift for someone like me with not a lot of extra time, to suddenly have help that allows me to do more.  Her name is Melissa, and she is a major cool gal.  She will be helping me out with this blog among other things here at Paradiso Designs.  Let me introduce you to her because Melissa is also the Sewist of the week!!

I first met Melissa Monge five months ago when she took one of my sewing classes, and she has been sewing her heart out since then. As I got to know Melissa, she told me about her sweet love story. She looked up her long-ago high school sweetheart on Facebook. She cried when she saw his picture, he did the same. They got in touch, and now they are married. I need to launch a big shout out to Don…thank-uuuuuu Don. Thanks for being a cool dude, and bringing the magic of Melissa to the Pacific Northwest, and Paradiso Designs. You and I are very lucky people!

Melissa has been hanging out at the Sewing Lounge creating many a lovely thing. She has made dresses and fleece fingerless gloves for her beloved niece Ashley. Then Melissa made the Market Bag with denim (which I personally love) and with canvas too.

She totally surprised me and made the Okashi Bag with red sequin patent leather. Please keep in mind that Melissa has only been sewing for 7 months…not years, months!!!! The Okashi has never looked so sizzling hot….OMG…I love it. And that is why Melissa is the Sewist of the Week. She continues to fearlessly sew new and challenging projects, and I love that.

Check out the top she made from a Sew Liberated pattern.  I love this pattern by Meg of Sew Liberated.  I have seen this made by a few people, and it is just a great pattern!! Melissa tailored the pattern to fit herself on her own, and look at the way it fits her…perfectly. Currently Melissa is working on another of my patterns, the Carry-all. Check out her materials that she is using for the first installment of “Amazing Color Stories” this next Wednesday.

Thank-you Melissa!! I say this from the bottom of my heart for the friendship, the listening ear, and your time that you have given and continue to gift me with. I am going to turn it over to her….hey Melissa…are you there?

Hello to all you Sewing Divas in training, and those of you who are already at Diva status!  As previously stated by the Head Diva, I am new to sewing.  In my previous life, I was a Corporate Travel Agent for 15 years down in Phoenix.  That's right, I'm a transplant, and no, I'm not tired of the rain yet!  In March 2009, I found my high school sweetheart on Facebook.  By November we knew we wanted to be together, so on New Year's Eve 2009, I flew one-way, first class from Phoenix to Seattle.  We were married in March 2010, and I've been slowly adjusting to my new life in the Northwest.

I've sewn many things since going to Cheryl's Sewing Lounge, mostly for other people, but I'm trying to sew more stuff for myself.  I decided to start my own blog, Gemini Gypsy Girl, to show my full progression to full Sewing Diva status!  Who knows if I'll ever get there, but I'm having fun along the way.   

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions on our blog posts.  I'm gonna do my best to keep Cheryl on track with this blog so you all have fun and interesting things to see, read about and learn from.  Better yet, come to the Sewing Lounge and see for yourself! (we have cookies ... shhh)
Thanks, and happy sewing, Melissa!!


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