Method Monday, No. 8, An Easier Way to Patch the Knees of Little Peep's Jeans

It is not easy to patch the knees on toddler to do this?
I always ask my self to think outside of the box....
how can a hard task be accomplished with an easier method?

This view is of  the finished knee patching.
Thread by Gutterman, a denim thread to match over an iron-on patch.

The first little tidbit I can give:
First thing to do is rip out the side seam that is not flat felled.
Some times it is the inside seam and sometimes it is the outside sea.
AND when you rip it out do it from the right side.
I did not know it would be easier and faster to do it on the right side.
I actually pull the seam open and start clipping every stitch,
 then do the same for the serged too from the right side.
The best part is that this forces you to clip one thread on one side only, 
so you will be able to pull the complete really is fast!

Then the patch can be an iron-on patch OR I ran out of the iron-on, 
So I have a love of denim and have different weights.  I used a 4 oz. denim to fashion a patch out of , and pinked the raw edges, and simply pinned it in place.
I also leave all the threads in place if they not ripped off.
It just seems as if it will contribute strength to the patching.
The stitch I use is a 3 part zig zag.  I use this stitch all the time. 
 It is strong and packs a punch for strength!!

And the most important tip for sewing little clothing....
Turn the pants inside out....&
You will find it much easier to maneuver when you place them under the needle
just as I have below. 
Then use it when you patch adult jeans too!

Here is the "just denim" not iron-on patch.
But honestly it comes out pretty strong and much more relaxed,
much softer then the iron-on patch.

And there you be!!

Hope this helps all of you!!


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