Pattern Tester for Bianca Springer of "Thanks I Made Them" with the 'Now You See Me Tote"

Now You See Me Tote

Bianca Springer  of  "Thanks I Made Them" asked me to play with her

 "Now You See Me Tote" pattern!  

And this is what I made!!

I was thrilled & honored to be a part of this!!
This is looking from the top of the bag duo!!

Here is just the inner bag!!

And just the clear tote to take to events where clear bags are a must!
Bianca is kindly offering the pattern for 20% off in her Etsy shop here
Purchasing the pattern enters you in a drawing for one of Bianca's custom printed fabrics.
You can check her out on Instagram @thanksimadethem

 Changes I made:
-I ditched the handles as I am a long strap cross-body tote girl!
-I added a top layer to the clear tote to provide a little more strength
-With the top layer I added tabs for rings that the strap hooks to, there for eliminating all the d-rings.  This seam between the clear bag and bag top provides more strength to carry the weight of both bags and contents.
-The strap can then hook into either bag or both at once.
-I made the regular bag out of a garment grade pleather that is super light and as soft as goat leather, and used fleece as a stabilier. Garment grade pleather is wonderful for bag bodies that are reinforced with stabilizer, then they will not stretch out!! And you will find it among the garment fabrics generally in most fabric stores. But I would not recommend it for straps. The funny thing is this garment pleather matched my upholstery grade pleather perfectly!!
-I added tabs to this bag too with one of my Paradiso techniques to eliminate bulk

I used one of my Paradiso Pleather No. 1 Kits for the long strap, and the tabs that hold the rings, and the top trim on the clear bag.You can buy Pleather Kit No. 1 in 10 different colors and patterns that look like real leather here

Cut from the No. 1 Kit:"

-1@ 2" x 44", then cut off two squares 2" x 2" for the magnetic backings, set aside all pieces, 2" x 40" is for the clear bag top trim.

-1@3" x 11" for clear bag tabs, set aside

-1@2" x 11" for inner bag tabs, set aside

Tabs are constructed after strap.

-1@ 4.5” x 43” for the 1.5” strap,Strap Tutorial Here

 After sewing the strap, then even the ends and make the length 42" long. 

Then attach each end of the strap to a triggerhook.

Purchase the Triggerhook/Ring Set Here

This is how it should look....

Yes I used apricot's the little things.

Hint: Start sewing in the middle of the strap when attaching the swivelhook and use a generous stitch 

length of 4.0, and only sew one stitch over the edge, but never off the edge, and 

this task will be easier then you think!!

FOR the tabs.....

1 pleather strip 3”x 10.5” for 2 tabs

1 pleather strip 2”x 10.5” for 2 tabs

   Tab Tutorial Here

     When you have sewn both tabs, then cut two 5" tabs from each sewn tab length.

The 1.5" tabs will be sewn with the 2" rings as shown below.
Purchase the Medium Ring Set Here

These will be used on the clear bag construction.

The skinny 1" tabs will be used in the inner bag construction.

For outer bag;

-Clear plastic is cut at 17” x 31”, fold in half at bottom, cut squares on edges 1.5 from bottom, and 2” from side, do not sew bottom, leave fold

-Cut one 2" strip of fabric, that will be ironed into a cap, that will cap and finish seams. Iron strip in half to 1" x the entire length. Then fold in one raw edge in towards the center and iron , then repeat for the other side. The cap should be 1/2" or close. I like the contrast of the fabric to the pleather.

-Enclose plastic sides  with the cap trim and sew into place, then box the corners, then cover those seams as well

-Cut 2 pleather strips 2.5” x 18” for bag top, sew together at the 2.5” sides with a 1" seam allowance

This top does not have to be garment pleather, but a heavier fabric like denim or home dec will work well too For this garment pleather I actually used a light white canvas cut at 17" long as a stabilizer to strengthen the bag top.

Then turn the fold the seam allowances under to finish the seam.

I love how this looks!

Finished seam allowances

Then finish top with the 2” x 40” pleather strip below via the tutorial here

Cut one strip of cotton fabric the WOF (width of the fabric), this will be used to conceal the seam where the clear bag meets it top, then....

Then…..Layer to sew on the right side of the bag. 1- the tabs at the side, then the pleather (right sides together), then the 2.5” fabric strip, right side facing wrong side of pleather. Sew with a ½” sa. Pull pleather top up, with seam down. Wrap the fabric so that it extends past the seam ¼”, hold with clips, and sew from the right side above the seam 1/8” sa to catch the fabric, and to take the clips out as sewn.

Once all those pieces are layered, then sew them with a 1/2" seam allowance.
The fabric will then be wrapped around the seam towards the inside of the bag as shown below. I used clips to hold it into place.
The covered seam will now be topstitched through the plastic at the top of the seam with a 1/8" sa, then repeat for the bottom of the seam. 
Check to make sure the fabric wrap trim is being caught in the sttiching!

 For Inner bag;

Cut 1 fabric & 1 muslin 16.5” x 31 for the lining, fold in half at bottom, cut squares 1.5 from bottom, and 2” from side, do not sew bottom, leave fold

2 @ 2” x 2” pleather squares for backing for metal clasps on lining 

Cut 1 outer fabric, pleather, denim & 1 sew-in fleece  16.5” x 31 for the lining, fold in half at bottom, cut squares 1.5 from bottom, and 2” from side, do not sew bottom, leave fold

-After the lining is pinned to the muslin to act as one piece, then install the pleather backing for the metalic clasps, and use this tutorial here. Do it before you sew the bag sides up.

This is how the magnetic clasp will work,

and it looks designer bag like with the pleather backing!

 -Then sew the sides with a 1/2" sa.

-Add the tabs as shown below!

1” pleather tab 1” x 10.5” is cut into 2@ 5” tabs

Use 1” rings from Triggerhook set for the tabs, and sew on the tabs centered with the side seams!

Now with right sides together put the lining into the pleather outer bag, right sides together, and sew around the top with a 1/2" seam allowance, leave an opening to put bags right side out!

Pull the bag top seam just sewn out and clip the bag top to prep for top stitching that will add stability and close the seam. I like to do 2 rows of stitching with a 3.5 stitch length. First row is with a 1/8" seam allowance, 2nd one is 3/8" seam allowance.  And your duo Now You See Me Tote is finished!



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