Have you used variegated thread YET?

I am NUTTY about variegated thread & all that it can do for my designs!!  Wonderfil, YLI, & King Tut are all great variegated threads.  It is a bit thicker then normal sewing threads, which are ideal for sewing my pleather/vinyl straps!!

I am feeling so rich...when I see all these lovely spools of variegated thread.

This is what I call a snake ruffle.  I love this technique for adding trim to a skirt hem.  When I cut the ruffles I add a row of stitching on the bottom of the ruffle pieces with a 1/8th  seam allowance, just to edge stitch here with...of course variegated thread.  This was a brown and green combo thread.  This fabric was of a bunch of can labels by Robert Kaufman.

Check out this strap....can you see the subtle color change of the threads?  This bag pattern will be available later this year!!

This is a ruffle panel of my Retro Granny Skirt.  Check out the stitching on the binding.  This fabric is Love by Amy Butler for West Minister.

Can you see the stitching on the strap?  I think that the variegated thread really pops when stitched on a solid color as you can see there on my Okashi Courier Bag.
The Okashi is made out of Kona Bag Fabric!

This is my Xine Bag pattern.  If you look at the stitching here...you can see that it changes colors!!  This fabric is by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit.

Here is my Okashi Pattern again...Check out alll the rows of stitching at the top of the bag, and the top stitching on the seam...ain't it pretty!  I love the colors in this Kona Bay Fabric.

Variegated Thread....it is a awesome thing!  Try some today!

I'll be back tomorrow...with a new sewing technique for method Monday!!!
Until then......xoxox Cheryl


ms.sad said…
Snake Ruffle is my favorite!

Your blog looks amazing! Love all of the categories.


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