Sewist of the Week - Olivia !


Check out this headband of flowers from last summer that Olivia made in 1 hour!

OLIVIA......isn't she the cutest gal!!!  Olivia is one of the funniest kids that I know.   And she is always asking for more cookies too.  Look at this picture of her with a twinkle in her eyes, and those dimples!!

Check-out this cool plush dude that Olivia designed and made herself!!

Here is Olivia with her other sewing buddies Ella and Gracie.  Ella just made this "hand purse", and Gracie just made her skirt that she is yummy mint green taffeta.  

Last summer she made this watermelon for her sister Gigi.
Can you believe she made this vest, how cool is that?!
Olivia's been sewing with me for two years.  Soon she will be moving away from Seattle due to her father being in the military.  She has learned so much about sewing and she had never touched a sewing machine until she started making appearances in the Sewing Lounge.  You can tell by every picture of Olivia how happy of a kiddo she is!!!  Olivia has made skirts for herself and for her mom.  She has produced so many fun little plush animals, and see that vest?  You should see the dress she is finishing now!  We will have to post a picture of that!!

Olivia, I am so glad that I got to teach you how to sew, and I have had a ton of fun times with you.  You must always stay in touch.  To Olivia's mom.....Katy,   thank you so much for all of your support when I was getting these kiddo's sewing classes off the ground.  You are a special lady to me, and your entire family is so beautiful.  You, Olivia, Gigi, Cordy, and Cord will be sorely missed.  I worry that the Sewing Lounge may be a little too quiet after Olivia has left!!


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