I'm obsessed with MUSLIN!!!!

Muslin ... precious, lovely muslin.

I love muslin sooo much, I get a bit nutty when I only have one new, unwrapped bolt left in my stash! It's like not having chocolate anywhere in the house and you need chocolate NOW!!  I use Mulin everyday in the Sewing Lounge.  I have my kid's back their pieces to make plush animals with it.

I find most fusible interfacings give a “cardboard” like feel and appearance (yuck). And I have come to learn that if you fise will become unfused at some time in the future.   If I use interfacing, I really love "So Sheer", as it is drapes nicely!!

In all my bag patterns I use muslin in the lining and the exterior.  I find that this gives a richness to how my finished handbags feel.  And I never need to worry that the interfacing will be come un-fused...yeah!  Here I have used muslin to back the lining of one of my bag patterns.

See the muslin backing the lining fabric for one of my handbag patterns here!

Here the muslin is used with a special foam interfacing called soft and stable by annie,  most of my patterns call for layering 3 pieces to form the outer exterior of my purse patterns!  This allows the home sewist to make real designer handbags!!

Using muslin as a stabilizer has proven to me over and over again to give a luxurious lift to my fashion fabric, meaning that the material feels richer in any project. I use it in my Perfect Pillows, all of my bags and many, many other sewing situations!
using muslin to give a more polished look to my handbags is soooo important to me!
 Cut your muslin as you would any woven fabric, keeping in mind the straight of the grain and the bias are the same as a cotton woven.

Do you have a muslin story that we'd love to hear? Please tell us about it!
Thanks for reading all of my lovely sewing divas!!  Cheryl


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