Sewist of the Week - Bella!


Bella started sewing with me last summer in my summer sew camps!!  Once I got her stitching, she just went to town making all kinds of stuff!  Including my Tiny Bag Pattern.  She made this for her Grandmother!!

This is my Corseted Vest Pattern that Bella made last fall without the corsets...I love the ties in the back view, and the front is stunning too!  WE thought 3 buttons was just right!
How about this light pink Hoodie!!
Oh yeah, Bella whipped this out in no time.  Check out the mound of muslin.  Muslin does a sewist good!!

Here is Bella, Lia & Hanna just last week hanging with Genny the sewing lounge hound!!  Bella just finished making the garland, she had round her neck.  Thanks Purl Soho for this project.  She cut a bazillion circles with stabilizer fused to the fabrics first.  Then she sewed the circles together...using of course variegated thread (my favorite), then she connected all the circles with a straight stitch.  It turned out so cool.  Click on garland to see how you can do it! 

Last summer this was the first thing Bella ever made at the SEwing Lounge.  This Lolita skirt was sooooo cute on Bella.  And I think it goes well with the soccer jersey!  Genny is cool with the styling Bella too!  Please note that Bella was quite shy here posing with her new creation, it was her first project!  Go back to the first photos in this here blog...the girl can really model now!!


I love these lavender sachets, that the kiddos make for their moms.  We love making this pile o' sachets when they are all done, and putting a big old bow on it!

And last....Here is a fabric "container", that Bella said if full of thread!!  We Love-Love!!  Click on container to see how it is made!!  Thank-you again Purl Soho!

On a final note...Bella you are on your way to being a super star in the SEwing Lounge with all the cool stuff you are churning out with amazing speed.  You are so fun to have in class, as you are incredibly polite, and such a sweet person!!  We all know that you are a super star on the soccer field, and never lose all that fabulous enduring motivation that you have.  I am sure that one day I will more then likely work for you.  You Go Girl!!!!!!

Tomorrow....lets get busy with the all enchanting stabilizers  (snore.....) (or not) galore!!  They make your bags really be bags....!


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