Method Monday No. 4, The Color Throw Down: I love being bold, but you MUST do what you love!!

It makes me incredibly happy when passionate sewists see my samples, and they love the mix of colors and substrates.

I tend to be A lover of color. 

I feel complete JOY when mixing it up in a big way.  

I call it the throw-down.  I literally throw all the fabrics, pleather/vinyl/faux leathers, hardware (yes it is a color), thread (thread is sooooo important). 

Then you look at it and think about it. 
Do you love it?
Does your heart do a dance?
I find that fabric/material makes me happy.  It takes away any pain i might have for a little while.

So take a little walk and see some of the color combos I have put together!!

This was for a bag a few years ago!! Fabric by Robert Kaufman, designed by Valori Wells (@valoriwells). Silver distressed pleather by Paradiso Designs (@paradisosewingpatterns)

And this is what it became!!
This is the Brooke Tote Bag, #brooketotebag

                                                  Here is the side has exterior side pockets!

I LOVE this fabric. My friend Dylan (@bydlanm) designed 
this line called #mazy for Windham Fabrics.  
I love this whole entire line of  fabric so much I worked hard to make these pillows!  
It took forever!
And now I look at them everyday on my couch!!  

This is my dress pattern that can be made many different ways...the Boho Frock #bohofrock. 
Most of  fabric here is vintage and I loved the combo....
so I figured it out so I could use them all!!
Did you notice the dollies?  I love them too!!
The gingham is actually a polyester.
The Boho Frock is an inclusive pattern, meaning that Boho can be made in any size.

The is the 2Harlow Skirt Formula, #2harlowskirt . 
I had one other sample of a pattern that I made that had these 3 colors.
And people love these colors together.
This skirt is perfect for panel prints!

This is the color piles of future projects I am working on.
You get to see them here first. 
I hand-painted this big flower on canvas, then I oiled the canvas to waterproof it!

The dark fabric on the left is hand woven fabric by Linda Kubik,
Think is that gorgeous!!

This is one of my favorite combos.  
This is a pebble textured pleather in an eggshell.  
The fabric lining is by Rifle Paper Co., @riflepaperco
The fabric is a neon pink print, and the thread is a neon coral, with a pink neon thread to top stitch the coral fabric that will be used to finish the top of the pocket.

Sooooo....want to know what I am making.....
I am very excited! 
Next week I will do a sew-a-long. 
I am calling the sew-a-longs 
You can Make a _______!
I hope you will check it out because...
This is the Daisy Hobo Bag!

You can make Daisy too!
Come check it out next week!!

I hope you enjoyed the color throw down.
Thank-you for hanging out.
Stay safe, xo, Cheryl


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