Paradiso Designs deeply believes in Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Do Matter

The last 3 weeks have been emotional.  I was horrified to see George Floyd murdered in broad daylight.  I am now moved to tears and have hope by the largest civil rights movement in the world "Black Lives Matter".

And I am hopeful that it is not just a moment. I am hopeful for real change the the dismantling of systematic racism and inequality of black and brown people.  I am hopeful that all the companies speaking up have actions that back up the talk for now and forever.  

Fourteen to fifteenth months ago a dialog of white supremacy and cultural appropriation discussion was started and still remains on Instagram. That now includes Black Lives Matter.  I have been learning so much from those conversations, yet it was still just scratching my surface.  I understand that I must do better.  I must be aware and heighten my senses.  I became friends with a fellow black creative on Instagram. She was incredibly patient and loving to my ignorance.  I will never forget her kindness. I must do better.

I felt white prejudice, as it slapped me hard in the face 30 years ago for a moment. I never forgot, yet then I just went along with my life. I did not understand or know of white supremacy and I barely understood white prejudice.  Oblivious that I might offend people of color.  I know I must do better.

I can do better.  I have been so overwhelmed realizing I have so much to learn now and forever.  

It starts with being mindful of our language. I have been watching documentaries.  There are so many. But I am looking forward to learning. I want to learn about the American history that is omitted pertaining to black Americans.  I have been listening. I am taking opportunities to hear many black people share their truths. It is eye-opening. It is saddening.  And we have allowed the inequality to persist.  And I must hold myself accountable.

This is what I will do:
- Never assume I have it all figured out, because I do not.  I have decades of self examination to attend to everyday.
- Continue to educate myself, learn, unlearn and re-learn.
- Step up to help or speak when a situation arises that is unfair, regardless of how uncomfortable I am.  I promise to do all that I can to never let others down when they need the help most.
-I will donate a portion of my  Shop Paradiso sales to the Social Justice Sewing Academy 
-Through my craft business I will make time to help & promote black makers through my social media and this blog right here. There are so many!!  This is gonna be fun!!
- My Paradiso Clothing Patterns have always been size inclusive. They can be made in all sizes. That practice will continue.

- I have one pattern that has been called "The Kimono Jacket.  Using the word "Kimono" is cultural appropriation.  This pattern will be renamed in the coming months.
-I have more plans that will be revealed as they are fleshed out 

I want to ask "Did I miss anything"?  I welcome the feed back, whole heartily!!

Thank-you for taking time to read this mission statement!
I appreciate you!



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