Make a Daisy Hobo Bag, Day 1 Sew A Long

This is all about the Daisy Hobo Bag.
In Crema Pebble Pleather
Shop the Daisy Crema Pebble Pleather Kit Here

In Lipstick Red Crocodile
Shop the Daisy Lipstick Red Croc Pleather Kit Here

In Denim that is handwoven with favorite bits of lace & tule & whatnot
Shop the Daisy Denim & Woven Bits Kit Here 

In Recycled Denim
Shop the Daisy Pleather Strap/Bottom Kit Here

In Canvas that I handpainted & waxed
Shop the Daisy Pleather Strap/Bottom Kit Here

This is my first Paradiso Sew A Long ever.
 It a new pattern, and I am truly excited to show you how to make one for you!
Or for gifts, it is a quicker project!!

A fun feature is that you can create 2 looks, just by moving the strap along.
Below is a close up look to see the detail.
I used a neon coral thread, by Isacord.

I have a love of embossed faux leather/pleather,
which means it has a stamped texture.
I call this textured crema pebble pleather.
It looks and feels like real leather.
It is upholstery grade vinyl, meaning very strong.
Perfect for bag straps and bag bodies!

To get started, you will need the Daisy Hobo pattern!
Shop the Daisy Pattern Here

You will need these materials:
Daisy can be made with fabric (recommend with a fleece stabilizer), 
pleather, canvas, denim, recycled materials and so much more.

Hard stabilizer, recommend Bosal Moldable OR Sew-in Bosal Craft Tex 
I used Coats & Clark neon pink for the lining. 
Here is the exterior layout, Pieces include:
                                                   exterior sides
                                                   - bottom, bottom stabilizer & muslin
                                                   - tabs
                                                   - strap
                                                   - thread, Isacord No 1940 for exterior & the strap
*******IF the exterior is a light fabric, then I encourage you to use a sew-in fleece as a stabilizer.  This will allow the bag to stand up and not collapse.  You might ask why not fusible?  Honestly you can use what you are comfortable with.  I do not use fusible stabilizers for my bag bodies because the bags then feel hard (fusing is glue, after it is heated it is very hard), and after some use of a bag the fusing starts to come apart from the bag sides, causing weird wrinkles.  If we are going to work this hard to make a bag, I want it to look wonderful for all the time you use it and using sew-in stabilizers for a bag body is the way to achieve that!! 

*******I really like using polyester thread. Isacord is actually an embroidery thread. BUT it is made to lay down fat, meaning it looks like a thicker thread. The embroidery lays down fat to catch the light so you see it more.  But I love this thread, the poly is strong, it will not shrink.  It will not rot like cotton will if you have it for a while. AND the best reason to use this thread is that 1000 meters for like 6 bucks is a great price.  Last awesome fact....the green cone bottom pops out so you can put the thread end in it and pop it back up. It holds the thread in and the thread does not unwind!! Your welcome!!

     ************Here is the link to my blog post to cutting pleather/vinyl/faux leather down to size!!

The lining is all cotton plus some muslin for support.
Here is the lining/interior layout, Pieces include:
                                                   - lining/interior sides + muslin lining sides
                                                   - bottom + muslin
                                                   - pocket (2 pieces for the front & the back of the pocket)
                                                   - pocket cap top, to trim the pocket top
                                                   - thread, Coats & Clark in neon pink
Fabric is from the quilting fabric collection named Primavera from the Rifle Paper Company 
Cotton and Steel

                                 Here is a link to my blog post to cutting cotton fabrics by the strip, 
                                                          then down to size for handbags, 
                                        which can give you much more accurately cut pieces!

Picking fabric for lining is not only fun, but when you pick lighter fabrics...
it is easier to see inside the bag.
Here are some looks inside Daisy Hobo Bags!!
I bought the fabric lining Here
It is the Rifle Paper Company fabric line called Primivera!

Another Lining View!
The fabric below is one of my favorite Artists...Marcia Derse!
You can buy her fabric Here

Just so you can see the sew-in fleece by Bosal, Style No. 326.
Shop Bosal Sew-In Fleece Here
I pin it to the exterior sides just as you will see the construction of the lining, no need to sew to attach together, pinning together works fine.
If you only have fusible fleece, you can use it too...just one hint.....
Please do not fuse it.  I do not fuse anything in my bag bodies.
It looks great at first, then once you start using your bag the fusing starts to separate, 
and it looks not so great.
The pieces will act as one piece for construction! 

Here is the Isacord thread cone and how it works...super cool!
Cone Bottom open...

Cone Bottom Closed

Here is a preview of the strap for the Lipstick Red Croc.
These are the needles I like to use and the different feet that I use on my Bernina.

So now you have all your pieces ready....Tomorrow we sew the exterior of the Daisy.
Go check it out Here
Thank-you for coming and hope to see you tomorrow!!


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